Our Values



Commando Values

  • Excellence – Thrive to do better
  • Integrity – Tell the truth
  • Self Discipline – Resist the easy option
  • Humility – Respect the rights, diversity and value of others

Commando Spirit

  • Courage – Get out front and do what’s right
  • Determination – Never give up
  • Unselfishness – Oppo first, team second, self last
  • Cheerfulness – Make humour the heart of morale

Commando Rugby School is passionate about the positive lessons to be learnt from both rugby and military training. We have a very talented team of rugby coaches that will be running skill based sessions focused of improving rugby skills.

Whilst rugby skills are the heart of the camp, the military training exercises we do will focus on team building and survival skills. These activities help with children’s emotional and social development as well as teaching them other fun ways to exercise.