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Our corporate days have proven very successful with businesses looking to improve their team’s cohesion and communication skills. As a unique programme not found anywhere else, we take pride in our abilities to provide companies and organisations with the delivery of an exciting and fun, yet challenging team-building event.

The day is broken up into various parts, with problem-solving skills embedded throughout the day. We get the blood pumping with physical team building activities and provide several activities and scenarios which encourage participants to think quickly and make decisions under pressure. Intertwined with team building elements are shelter and fire building, wild cooking and final discussions on how to improve as a team.

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All our events are organised and delivered by elite Royal Marine Commandos that have years of experience training and coaching. We have perfected the art of building confidence in a relaxed and fun setting!


We have received a 100% positive feedback rate from the organisations and businesses we have worked with since our business was established.


All events will ensure participants build on their team cohesion, and leave with improved skills and coping mechanisms that have been tried, tested, and practiced throughout the physical and mental challenges delivered during the day

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